Email Newsletter Marketing

Marketing your business to new and existing customers through regular monthly email newsletters can be an effective component of your business online marketing strategy. The new rules of marketing focus on branding and building a long-term relationship with customers. Regularly reaching out to customers through a monthly newsletter helps build that relationship.

Spellmann & Associates Email Newsletter Marketing

At Spellmann & Associates, we can take care of all aspects of your email newsletter marketing campaign. After setting up your account, we will import your list of customer names and email addresses into your Email Newsletter Management Program and update the list monthly. We also offer one free hour of newsletter copywriting each month as part of our full-service package. Our experienced copywriters create content based on your chosen topics, including relevant keyword phrases where appropriate.

Your email newsletters should have the same look and feel as the other elements of your online branding campaign, and our team works hard to maintain a consistent voice between your newsletter, website design, blog posts and social media posts.

By limiting your email newsletter marketing to once-a-month mailings, instead of sending them out bi-weekly or weekly, you avoid contact overload, which will just annoy customers and lead to them unsubscribe from your email list. Instead, we focus on providing the best quality content in an attractively packaged newsletter that your customers actually look forward to receiving and reading.

Why do I Need Email Newsletter Marketing?

An email newsletter is a another way to provide useful and valuable information to customers.
Email newsletter marketing can be used to highlight company news from previous months, and point out upcoming promotions. It is also a great way to contact customers who don’t read your blog or follow your social media accounts, to let them know what they missed. For example, your newsletter could include a link back to that month’s most popular post.

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