Extreme Online Marketing Using Power Words


Have you ever heard of “?” In this video, explains how ten of these special words can make a world of difference in your campaign. Carefully crafted page and article titles will keep your reader’s eyeballs glued to your content and increase your conversions significantly! Watch this video NOW!


Note from Eric: Below, you will find a word-for-word transcript of this video. I provide this as an aid for the hearing-impaired and for those who might just want to read it rather than watch the video. This conversational style is not reflective of how I write. Be nice! Hey I’m with Spellmann & Associates and today I’m going to teach you all about . Specifically, . Now you may be asking what are ? Believe it or not, these are actually just words that work very well in marketing.

If you’re trying to get people to do something on a website, if you’re trying to get people to click, trying to get them to do some sort of action, these words will help! And if you use them effectively, in many cases you can see a 2-3 times the conversion rate! In other words, converting people from just anonymous lookers on your website to people picking up the phone saying tell me what you got. And that’s what you really want when it come to . So let’s get started.

The first thing you need to realize is why words matter. Words are critical. Remember, everyone on the internet has an online version of ADD, okay. We’re always getting distracted. We’re always having something wanting our attention, theres something wanting us to click on it.

So, when people land on your webpage for the very first time, they’re not going to read it, they’re going to scan it. They’re going to look from top-left to bottom-right and I’ve talked about this in other videos. And if they want to land on something that says Oh this is interesting, and you want them to click or you want them to stop, you want them to read. So these are going to help that happen.

Words make you pause, if they’re powerful enough. And over time they’ve done studies, and in fact a lot of these words came from a study done by Stanford University. Some others are ones I added because I’ve just seen the difference made by them in the online world. So, get ready for my top that will help you in .

Let’s start with an example, because I always want my customers to be able to connect this with something. How when I actually use this. So maybe somewhere on your website you have a phrase that simply reads “Come in for a consultation”. And maybe that’s what it says exactly.

Well folks, that has no in it! That has nothing in it that will make you excited, make you want to do it. So let’s jazz this up a little bit by adding a few .

My first power word is the word “free”. An extremely powerful word! Everyone wants something valuable with no cost. Okay. We want to receive value, but don’t want to pay for it. And so whenever we use the word “free” our eyes stop, and we look at it. So let’s go and add the word “free” to my consultation phrase.

Maybe it says something like “Get a free consultation”. Believe it or not, this will get probably twice as many clicks as simply “Get a consultation”, because your eyes stop on “free” and it implies that theres something of value that we’re giving it to you at no cost.

My second power word is the word “you”. And in a lot of studies, this has proven to be the number one power word. Whenever you’re connected to them, whenever you tell them something, whenever you talking to them with an ad, it makes a connection.

Whether they wanted to or not, it just does. So, it makes it personal. In other words, it is the most powerful word. And a lot of people actually say that if the word “you” is not in the title of an article or the title of an advertisement, they won’t use it!

So let’s take this to my example I gave you earlier. “I know you want a free consultation”. Notice what we did. We now have “free” in there and we have “you” in there! And “you” makes it a lot more personal. See the difference, “I know you want a free consultation”. It hits you in 2 places.

“Results” is my next power word. People are always looking for results, because they want to know that the money they are going to spend actually is going to have the benefit they are looking for. It helps rationalize the purchase so to speak.

If they’re about to spend money on, they want to know that it’s going to give them the results that they want. Evidence of success is another way of thinking on this. So let’s add this into my consultation format. “A free consultation that gets you results”. Now take a look at this, I’ve used all 3 words. And this is already becoming a more powerful phrase.

My next power word is “immediate”. People want it now. Now, now, now! And when you say immediate, that’s instant gratification. So, when adding it in, we get “A free consultation that gets you immediate results”.

“Guarantee” is another power word. I love that word because basically it gives people a sense of safety like they made a good decision. Even if they made a bad decision, they’re still safe because there was a guarantee. There was no chance of failure whatsoever. So, when adding that in. “A free consultation that gets you immediate results, i
guarantee it!”

“Love”. You must be going what! What has love got to do with business, what has love got to do with marketing? Folks I’m here to tell you love is a very powerful business marketing word. Keep in mind that all decisions people make are at an emotional level. They say they’re using logic, but really emotion drives the majority of our decisions.

Basically, by using the word “love” in marketing, by using the word “love” in advertising, we’re trying to communicate what you’re going to feel after you’ve made this purchase. In other words “i just love it”, that’s what you’re trying to do. So in our example “You will love this free consultation that gets you immediate results. I guarantee it!” See hows it’s kind of building and building on this phrase.

“Proven”. Proven is another very powerful marketing word. It basically removes the fear of trying something new. People never want to be guinea pigs, they never want to be the ones to be experimented on. They want to know that other people have done this and succeeded. And that’s where “proven” comes in. So, let’s add that one in to my phrase. “You will love this proven free consultation that gets you immediate results. I guarantee it!”

“Save”. You’ve seen this all over the place in signs and advertising. It basically strengthens that whole need of people to reduce their costs. People want to know that they’re keeping more of their money by doing business with you. When we talk about save, we’re either talking about saving time or saving money, or saving something else but we’re saving something. And our example, “Save time with this proven free consultation you will love that gets you immediate results, I guarantee it!”

The word “now”. Now some of you are saying didn’t you say “immediate” not too long ago? “Now” is a very powerful word. It basically strengthens that whole immediacy thing we talked about. You’ll see “now” on a host of advertising like signs, banners etc.

Trust me. Once you start looking at a lot of the online ads, you’re going to see my everywhere. And unfortunately I can’t take credit for it, but I’m just saying you’re going to see them. So in our example “Save time now with this proven free consultation you will love that gets you immediate results, I guarantee it!”

You all are probably saying “You know Eric, I’m never going to write a title like that. It’s too big, it’s too super-markety, it’s too wow in your face.” Well folks, take a look at this compared it to our original version of this: “Come in for a consultation”. I guarantee you if presented with these two, even though the first one is over-done. Okay, I’ll just admit that right now. It’s over-done. I would probably never put all my into one title.

But take a look at the difference here, “Save time now with this proven free consultation you will love that gives you immediate results, I guarantee it!” versus “Come in for a consultation”. I guarantee you, if you use some of these on your website, you’re going to get many more clicks and many more conversions.

So basically, rule number one which you saw me break at the very end Don’t overuse the words. Don’t make it so un-readable and so huge that they end up going seriously!. Headlines and titles are the key to conversion. People will look at the title of something before they ever read anything in it. And they will decide whether to read it based on the title.

I often tell people to spend half as much time as they do writing an article simply choosing the title! The title is key! And in fact some people even say that the title is more important than the article itself! So, try to inject some of these into your title and you’ll see a change. You’ll see people spending longer on your webpages.

You’ll see people clicking and moving forward because you use these . Simple changes in your title, simple changes throughout the text of your website or in your online email campaign can multiply the conversions incredibly.

Well as always I’m at Spellmann & Associates. If you have any questions give me a call or shoot me an email, I’d love to hear them. If you have any questions on , that’s what we do. And I’m here to help you. I’m , I’ll see you in cyberspace.