How to Generate Leads with Your Website


A website must DO SOMETHING. It cannot simply be a glorified brochure or online billboard. In this video, Eric explains in plain English how to turn your website into a “Lead Generation Machine.” By understanding the psychology of your customers, you can make simple changes to your site that will accelerate the conversion of an anonymous website visitor to a qualified prospect!


Note from Eric: Below, you will find a word-for-word transcript of this video. I provide this as an aid for the hearing-impaired and for those who might just want to read it rather than watch the video. This conversational style is not reflective of how I write. Be nice! Hey guys it’s Eric Spellmann and this video is gonna be how to generate leads with your website. But before I go into that, let’s talk a little bit about this video itself. Now remember, a lot of you know that in youtube or watching any kind of video, specially on my website or some like that you can hit the little box in the bottom right hand corner of the video and make it full screen, that makes it easier for you to see. So without further ado, let’s get started.
The key to generating leads on your site is to understand the trade, something called THE TRADE. You’ve got to remember that visitors are anonymous. When people visit your website, you have no idea who they are. There is no way for you to look at your statistics on your website and say oh that’s Joe, oh that’s John, oh that’s Sally there’s no way.

So, the only way to know is if they tell you. You have to convince them to tell you. Everyone on the internet when they are looking around they are always nervous. There’s a little something called the trust barrier. And so they are not gonna automatically just give you this information. Just because you ask, and some of you have a contact us form and you think people are just gonna fill it out. Well they are not!

I mean think about it, how many times have you gone to a website and filled out that contact us form just because….. The key to generating leads as I mentioned before, is to convince em to give you that information.

Get their attention, that’s number 1. You have to sit down and figure out exactly what’s gonna make em stop in their tracks. You’ve got to figure out when they are on your website what’s gonna make them want to click because think about it for a second. You go to a website, and remember I told you in the past that everyone on the internet has ADD and they’re lazy.

Well the ADD thing is you basically got 5 seconds and you saw that in my first video, they’re going to scan it from top-left to bottom-right, if they don’t see something that makes them stop and go “HAA” click, they’re gonna move on. So step number 1 is to make them stop you’ve got to have something, that when they, their eyes scan over they stop.

Second you’ve got to make em click. There’s gotta be something on there. Maybe it’s a button, maybe it’s a call to action, maybe it’s a picture, maybe its something that makes em wanna click. Meaning you’ve got to offer them something. And finally make them happy. After all, it is not called Social Media for nothing.

In other words whatever they’re gonna click on is gonna meet some sort of need. That’s online marketing 101.Now we’ve talked about this in the past most people make a decision to click or make a decision to choose one company over another because of their ability or the company’s ability to either solve some sort of pain that the customer might have or meet some sort of desire that the customer has. And that click is how we generate the lead.

And so whatever this call to action, whatever this button is should speak to them and when they click on it there should be something that comes up where you are meeting that need in someway.

Second you get the lead. Now the way you’re going to do that is keep in mind you’ve just given away information. You’ve just given away something it could be a Koozie, it could be a coffee cup, it could be, you never know what you offered them something.

Offer more!! Because you have just given them away something, you’ve just given something free, usually in the form of information. The key now is to offer them something more because you’ve lowered the trust barrier because you offered them something at no cost of them, they didn’t even have to spell out their information.

But on the second page you’re gonna go to, this is where you’re gonna offer them something even bigger. On the first page, the reason you offered it, you just gave it to em free was because it lowered the trust barrier. But now we’re gonna require something of them. And the law of reciprocation typically dictates that someone will feel obliged if we’re gonna offer them something else. So what you gonna do is you gonna offer them something even bigger. But to get it, they’re gonna need to give you some information.

In other words, you want to email it to them? or you want to call them? or you want to mail it to them or something. The key when you have this form which is what you are going to have with good website design, you’re going to have this form on your website you need to ask for the minimum amount of information. I have mentioned this before when talking about generating leads. You really only need 4 pieces: the name, the email, the phone and a questions or comments section. That’s it! Now some of you might be saying why do you need name or why do you need email and phone.

Well because believe it or not a lot of people can’t type their own email address and this gives you a backup. So only ask for those 4 pieces: name, email, phone and a questions or comments where they can ask you something. Now once they’ve filled that out and go to the next screen, what i would recommend is either give it to them or say it’s on the way in someway. Because you must meet that, if you promise them something you must give it to them. Whether it’s something in intrinsic value or whether it’s something of value from an information standpoint.

Finally once you receive that information, that form which is automatically e-mailed to you (the generated lead) I recommend that within 12 business hours you contact them. They need to hear from you, they need to hear and the way you’re going to call em is you gonna say “Hey! I saw that you requested our blah blah blah, I saw that I sent you or I need to send you this, give me more information.”

But really the secret reason you contacting them is to set a meeting or at least start the sales process.” And that’s how you generate a lead.

Now you noticed in this whole video i really haven’t talked about how to choose a trade. What is the trade gonna be? Well that’s a whole talk in itself. So I am gonna dedicate my next video to how to pick a trade and the really cool thing about these trades is that they don’t have to be anything that cost you something. They don’t have to be a t-shirt, or a frisbee, or a promotional item. They can be something equally if not more valuable. So you’ll have to watch the next video after that.

Well as always if you have a question about generating leads just email me, send me a, send me a message. Reply it if you received this as an email going out just reply to it and i‘ll be happy to help you. You can always see a lot of these videos by going to my website at ericspellmann.com and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

As I mentioned before I am ericspellmann.com and I’ll see you in cyberspace.