Your Website Must Pass this Test


I know this title sounds mysterious, but trust me, you have never checked this aspect of your website before! Since 99% of all searches for ANYTHING now start online, you’ve got to make sure that your website comes up correctly. In this video, Eric Spellmann gives you a one-question test you can check your website against. If you think there’s room for improvement on your website, you must watch this video and your website MUST pass this test!


Note from Eric: Below, you will find a word-for-word transcript of this video. I provide this as an aid for the hearing-impaired and for those who might just want to read it rather than watch the video. This conversational style is not reflective of how I write. Be nice!
Hey I’m Eric Spellmann and today’s video is going to be an easy one. It’s going to fly by because really, I’m just going to give you 1 test question. And your website must pass this test! So let’s begin.
First, we have to do a tiny bit of prep. So, I want you to pull out your smartphone. I don’t care if you have an Android, I don’t care if you have an iPhone. Pull out your smartphone and then I want you to open up your browser in that smartphone whether it’s Google Chrome, Firefox or even Safari, if you’re using an iPhone. Pull it up and I want you to go to Google.com.

Now, I’m about to give you the test question and when I do, I want you to pause the video because I want you to do this search and then come back before I continue on. But not yet, don’t pause the video yet! You’ll see at the bottom of the screen it will say “Pause the video now” and I’ll probably even say it again. So, here we go. Are you ready?

Theres just 1 question I’m going to ask you. And it’s a very simple question. In your browser, I want you to type the name of your company into Google. Just type the name of your company. Not your dot com, not your web address.

Just the name of your company as it appears on your letter head or your business cards or the sign out front. Just type in the name and do a search on the name of your company. Now, I’m going to give you time to do that. So go ahead and pause the video NOW!

Okay. Now when you did that search, heres how you know whether you got the correct response. Basically it looks like this. I’ve taken my company and typed its name into my iPhone. And what you’re seeing is 2 screens. The first one is what came up first and then I scrolled a little bit and you’re seeing the second. That’s the only reason you’re seeing 2, is because I scrolled down.

So in the first one what I want you to notice is that the map came up with where I am on it. Okay. If the first thing that came up is a Paid Ad and you know that’s it if it says Ad in yellow or something like that, Google always say that. That is a VERY VERY VERY bad thing, it cannot be an Ad. And I’ll explain why in a minute.

But next I want you to notice in the second piece is the phrase “Mobile-friendly” In other words when you scroll down past the map and get to actually the listing for your company, you SHOULD be number 1 for your own company. And also, it should say Mobile-friendly there. Okay. So, those are the requirements.

Now, where do we get from all of this? You need to remember this. You MUST show up number 1 for your own name! If you don’t show up number 1 for your own name, if you’ve listened to my other videos, you know why Google tries to put the most relevant result first. So if someone else is talking more about you than you, they will show up before you.

All that means is your website doesn’t talk enough about you! And it needs to be relevant. Your website should always come up number 1. Now why is that important? Well, because typically when someone wants to know about your company and research on your company, they’re going to type that in into a search engine, and that’s going to be the first result they get.

And you always want to make sure that you control what’s being said about your company. And the only way that’s going to happen is to control what shows up in Google when someone searches on your company.

Next, no Paid Ads! One of the tricks these SEO Companies try to do sometimes is they promise to make you number 1. But what they’ll do is go out and buy a little Paid Ad, a Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad. And they’ll actually put your name as one of the keywords that should generate the Ad.

Here’s the deal. You shouldn’t have to pay when someone clicks on an Ad of your company when they type in your company name. You should get that for free! So if you see an Ad that comes up first, you need to cancel that immediately coz it’s costing you money that you don’t need to pay!

Next, you saw that little Mobile-friendly piece. You know when it shows the result for your website it’s got to say Mobile-friendly! GOT TO SAY Mobile-friendly! And I talked about this when I talked about the Mobile-friendly test. I told you that Google is now looking to see if your website is Mobile-friendly.

And if it is, you’re more likely to show up when people do a search on a mobile phone. And that’s important because more people are using mobile phones to access the internet than anything else. You’ve got to make sure that this is Mobile-friendly.

If not, you need to contact your webmaster and tell him that’s a problem because Google is going to rank you lower simply because when people pull up your website, it’s not a good mobile experience.

So, keep those in mind. A lot of showing up for who you are, has to do with what Google knows about you. You can do that for free. You can tell Google. It’s kind of like the Yellow pages, but NOT the Yellow Pages where you go in and tell Google who your company is, what your working hours are, where you’re located on a map. And I’ve explained how to do that in the “How to Get Found on Google” video.

Or, if you have questions on this you can always just give me a call, and I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can. But seriously, short little test, just 1 question. Now, the second question I guess would be “How did your website rank? How did your website do?

Did it pass completely? Or were there a couple of areas it did need help?” If you need help, please let me know. I’m Eric Spellmann; I’ll see you in cyberspace.